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Steam Coal Export

from Indonesia

Meeting the Bituminous and Sub-Bituminous Indonesian Steam Coal imports requirements of Power stations, Industries and trade, for Indonesian steam coal

We are engaged in procurement of Indonesian steam coal from leading mines for meeting the import requirements of our overseas buyers in Asia. The procurement process is meticulously monitored by the expert and highly experienced coal team based at Jakarta, with operation team at Kalimantan and Sumatra respectively.

We offer our valued customers:

• Eco friendly Indonesian steam coal ranging from Gar 3400 to Gar 6500 with equivalent NCV (ARB), Trace Elements certified& GCV (ADB). 

• Pit to Port services and monitoring the entire supply chain with the support of our dedicated operational team. 

• Competitive procurement to meet the buyer’s requirements primarily from India, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Philippines. 

• Assured quality management with the ground and technical team monitoring entire operations from the mining operations, Barging, till the vessel loading completion.


• Open to all inspection agencies, with recommendation towards

PT SGS Indonesia, PT Geoservices, PT IOL & CCIC. 

• Handling of complete commercial, government and other formalities on behalf of and in line with our buyer’s requests. 

• Exhaustive study of the Indonesian coal Industry and supply bases


We remain open to our buyer’s requirements and are fully dedicated to meet timely commitments. 

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