Buddha Artifacts

Synergized with aspirations of being a one stop procurement option for World Class Buddha Artifacts, Handicrafts and Batik products Exports

“There is no path to happiness.
HAPPINESS is the path.”

— BUDDHA —  


PT Indo Globex Worldwide, a company synergized with aspirations of being a one stop procurement option for World Class “Handicrafts & Batik Products”, originating from Indonesia and several South East Asian production bases of the company.

Our products are the creation of highly talented artisans from Indonesia, China, Thailand, and other Asian countries. The wide range of products primarily consists of Buddha Artifacts for commercial and residential needs, Handicraft items for décor, Batik and the privilege of placing your procurement options through exclusive custom designing. You shall experience the richness of the ethnic designs, unmatched product range, quality with A-class apart and paradise for our valuable customers, with our highly proficient professional management team, attending to each and every requirement with utmost care, dedication, and diligence.

We assure you the right path towards your procurement needs and value our Happy Customers. 

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